"Every day, we wake up with a choice--a choice of what kind of human being we want to be, what kind of world we want to create and what kind of action we'll take to create it.  In making these choices, we form movements.  In making these choices, we change the world."


Embrace Project

We are at a transformational moment in the nation's history. For the first time, births in communities of color (Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, African Americans) have become a majority. Demographic changes in the racial and age makeup of the country imply enormous transition for communities across the country and for the national identity.  The Embrace Project is the heart of Pramila's new fellowship work, to understand the impact, challenges and opportunities of these changes and to find new ways to harness the potential of this new diverse America.

What Change?

Check out the great resources that show, in pictures and graphs, how America is changing.  Read articles from people like Rinku Sen (ColorLines) on why we need a cultural shift in this country and Heather McGhee from Demos on young people and race in a changing America.  Finally, check out the videos page to catch Pramila's TEDxRainier talk on embracing immigration and migration.  

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Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership

Video of my keynote speech at the FDIC on immigration, race and America.

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